Geelani Slams Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

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Castigating role of government of Pakistan, chairman Hurriyat conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani has  said the present policy of government of Pakistan with regards to Kashmir  is not as per the aspirations and wishes of  people of Kashmir and added that  Pakistan has maintained criminal silence over the atrocities lashed by Indian forces, life sentences and judicial terror against the Kashmiris .

In a one to one meet with high commissioner of Pakistan, Salman Bashir Dy high commissioner Babar Amin and other officials of Pakistan embassy and at Malviya Nagar Delhi,  Geelani said, “instead of surrender ,we will prefer to  hand over the movement to our next generation, in case, the freedom struggle does not yield  required  results”.

According to the spokesman of the conglomerate, Geelani in meeting has made his stand  clear that it is eminent that  in near future India will not allow  any share of water to Pakistan and the agriculture land in Pakistan will become barren.

Accusing former president of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf of deteriorating situation and devastation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Geelani criticized the policies of former general.

“He made shameful bargaining at the cast of nation’s integrity and honour and with the result even the very existence of Pakistan is at stake,” said Geelani.

Praising Geelani, Salman Bashir said, “the government and the people of Pakistan do have great regard and  are all praise for Syed Ali Geelani and very eager  to see him in Pakistan.”

According to spokesman, Pakistan high commissioner maintained that administration in Pakistan is eager to hear the stand and view point of Geelani.

Geelani according to the party statement in his message to leadership of Pakistan said, “leaders of Pakistan should show persistence and also should not deter from the national policy with regards to Kashmir,” adding, “in case the administration of Pakistan exhibits the submissive approach towards this issue it would be detrimental both for Pakistan and people of Kashmir.”

Geelani briefing the high commissioner said that India is using might to suppress the innocent people by resorting  to most barbarous act of violence.

“The forces are free and enjoy impunity  to kill. Dignity and honour of every Kashmiri is at stake,” said Geelani.
Expressing his displeasure over the policy of Pakistan, Geelani said the they are no more interested to highlight the agonies and horror detainees   face in Kashmir.

“It is  very sad that instead providing any sort of help they(Pakistan government) are  exceeding their obligation and instead show more interest for trade and diplomatic relations,” said Geelani.

While commenting over the trade treaties and business at LoC , Geelani said that Kashmir is a just cause and it cannot be substituted for trade and business.

“Kashmir dispute is a political one and is related with the millions of souls and this reality cannot be ignored that nation has been made slave,” Geelani said.

“Exchange and border trade cannot change the reality, it is a mockery,” he added.

Terming India ahead of Pakistan, Geelani during meeting said, “Pakistan is facing the tough times ,while as India on the other hand is ahead at all points  and because of its policy is in winning position so it is futile to initiate parleys with India at this stage.”

While rejecting the offer for Pakistan visit, Geelani said, “people of Pakistan and the government are well versed with our aspiration and knows our opinion and stand.”

“I think it so sad that some quarters feel that after a period  of 65 years , Pakistan is eager to see the issue and  hear from us the seriousness of the problem,” he added.

Castigating India for its rigidity, Geelani said, “all responsibility lies over the India and India has denied us our right and it is India that has occupied our state with the dint of military might,” adding, “it is not proper to visit Pakistan as it is not more than a routine and  tradition and  nothing else.”


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