Pantha Chowk Harassment Case Triggers Heated Debate in Assembly



The communist leader MY Tarigami Saturday said in the Legislative Assembly that some students from Zanskar were harassed in Srinagar’s Panth Chowk when they were on way to home recently and thus went on trigger a heated debate in the house.

“These people (from Zanskar) often feel helplessness to come forward and register the complaints,” he said.

On this, MLA Zanskar, Aga Syed Mohammed Baqir Rizvi expressed concern and said some students studying in Jammu were on way to Kargil early this month when they were subjected to harassment at Pantha Chowk. “Let me admit, people of Zanskar are still helpless to talk about such issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, the minister Abdul Haq Khan intervened from the government and said, “SSP Srinagar will be asked to investigate the matter,” he said.


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