You Messed People As Daily-wagers, Drabu Tells NC



A file photo of Dr Haseeb A Drabu.
A file photo of Dr Haseeb A Drabu.

In a scathing attack on previous government for making full use of their “creativity” to engage some 61000 daily wagers in JK, the state finance minister, Dr Haseeb A Drabu Saturday said no government can clear the problem in one go.

Drabu during his brief speech said, “Those who appointed the NYC and daily-wagers are now creating ruckus.” On which, the NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar stood up and told Drabu, “Stop misleading the house.” But Drabu went on to address the chair, saying, “The cabinet order was approved by the opposition when they were in power.”

Amid ruckus, the finance minister went on to say that the previous dispensation used their creativity to the best of their ability by coming up with terms like employees without salary and other names. “See, we are on it,” he said. “The fact is, no single government can clear in one go.”

By terming the daily wagers’ issue as a social problem involving 61000 families, Dr Drabu said, “we have made roadmap and within two months we will come up with some solution.”

Dr Drabu, it may be recalled here, had visited the NYC and the daily wagers who pitched tents in the Pratap Park and were on hunger strike. While daily wagers called off their strike, the NYC camp is still staying put.


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