Panthers Bickerings, Bhim Singh’s Son Sacks Party President

SRINAGAR: Ankit Love, the chief patron of Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), has expelled Vilakshan Singh from the primary membership of JKNPP. Love stated, “I was compelled to completely and comprehensively expel Vilakshan Singh from all association to JKNPP. FIRs have been filed against Vilakshan Singh with JK Police, in regards to theft of properties worth crores of rupees,” are belonging to Love’s father Prof Bhim Singh, and conspiracy to murder his wife, popular journalist Jay Mala, both founders of JKNPP.

The Singh family of Udhampur (L to R)Harsh Dev Singh, Bhim Singh and Balwant Singh Mankotia. The tensions within led to Mankotia’s resignation.

JKNPP is the only political party recognized by the Elections Commission of India (ECI) from the Jammu province and one of only 62 political parties in all India recognized by the ECI.

Ankit Love expressed, “Vilakshan Singh is a charlatan and a fraudster, who had been bizarrely complimentary of BJP, praising them for having ‘consistent ideology’ on TV this week.” This is despite Love firmly accusing Vilakshan Singh of being a BJP secret agent just prior, whom Love said was ultimately responsible for the murder of Jay Mala. Jay Mala had been an outspoken critic of the BJP government and a popular journalist, who had written numerous articles criticizing Prime Minister Modi and the BJP as a contributing editor in the ‘National Herald’ newspaper.

Love stated, “This is the total murder of democracy in J&K. Vilakshan Singh confessed to my cousin, while trying to bribe him, that he planned to form an alliance with the BJP, in exchange for illicit payments between 20 to 100 crores, with the secret promise to give the BJP coalition support in exchange. Something my mother would never have allowed when alive.”

Love implored the BJP to launch a full investigation into their Jammu and Kashmir wing to find out who exactly was responsible for tempting and inspiring Vilakshan Singh to orchestrate such a gruesome act.

Love asserted that Vilakshan Singh must cease and desist using the name and image of Love’s father Prof. Bhim Singh, JKNPP, and the bicycle election symbol immediately. Love also filed FIRs with JK police against Vilakshan Singh for theft of Love’s father Prof. Bhim Singh’s properties, which include 2 Rajinder Bazar, Jammu worth around 5 cores, and another property in Sidhra, Jammu worth around 2 crores.

Love emphasized, “If there was any doubt prior, let it be completely crystal clear now, the fact of the matter is, Vilakshan Singh is expelled from Panthers Party. All other members associating with him from henceforth will be expelled. His obnoxious and continuous attempt to profiteer from intellectual and real property theft, betrayal, deceit, and blatantly lying on television was below any level of decency. This is in light of the gravest seriousness of FIRs lodged against him last week that include conspiracy to murder my mother.”

Earlier, Ankit Love, in an interview given on J&K Channel, Udhampur, stated that his mother, Jay Mala, 64, was assassinated by his cousins Mrignayani Slathia and her brother Vilakshan Singh. Love is certain that the murder of both his parents is ultimately the work of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Love also requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to conduct the inquiry that his mother had so passionately requested.

Love’s father Prof. Bhim Singh, 80, and Jay Mala are both founders of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), the only recognized party from the Jammu province


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