He was 14 when he first saw a computer. Within two years he is running an online radio station. Saima Rashid tells Tral boy’s story

Umar Nisar

Umar Nisar, 16, dreamed of owning a computer since he was a kid. But he had to wait for next fourteen years to actually see one. Finally when he saw a computer for the first time some two years back, he not only mastered it but surprised everybody with his skills.  Umar, a Class 10 student of government school, who lives in Tral town, recently built an online radio station: Panun FM International.

“When I joined computer institute my joy had no limits,” says Umar, who rather than spending his time surfing the net concentrated on programming instead. “I wanted to become a programmer.”

Back home Umar would perfect his programming skills on his father’s smart-phone. “I never used it to access social media sites, rather I would surf  Youtube to learn about developing apps and watch tutorials,” says Umar.

Then, Umar asked his father for a laptop. “He happily gave me one. But with a condition,” says Umar. The condition was to use it for education purpose only. “He was justified considering my age.” Umar was 15 then.

Thus began Umar’s journey to do something extraordinary with his skills. “I wanted to create a platform for youngsters like myself. And that is how Panun FM happened.”

But the journey was not as easy as Umar had thought. It took him almost eight months to finish the app. “I would skip meals, borrow books on software from professionals to get through,” says Umar.

Till the time Umar was done with his internet FM station, he has kept the project a secret. “I wanted to surprise everybody,” says Umar.

Without any formal training, it took Umar months to perfectly write the domain for his app. The next challenge was to manage his online radio station without frequency. “I wanted to make it accessible to global audience.”

However, before surprise his near and dear one, Umar wanted to be sure that it is working the way he had thought. “Human communication is easy. Computers need proper encoding and decoding to work,” says Umar.

One can listen to Panun FM International from anywhere in the world. “It is borderless radio station,” says Umar. All you need is to download an android application on your computer of smart-phone, and you are set. One can also access it from www.panun.fm.in.

Panun FM airs programmes on youth and their achievements, on science, education, culture, besides playing Kashmiri, bollywood and Hollywood music.

Umar mostly operates from his home. “Recently I joined Xaid Kashmiri at his office,” says Umar. “He is a great support. I learned animation from him.”

Ask him about his future plan and Umar takes a while to answer. “I am just going with the flow. Let me first clear my Class 10 exams,” he says with a smile.

For Umar, online FM station is just the beginning of his dreams. “Computers can create magic. I want to do the same.”


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