By Tasavur Mushtaq

Summer 2014, when political parties were busy in campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, I travelled across  Kashmir to cover the big rallies, small events and in-house meetings. Ideologies apart, the politicians were on same lines in seeking the votes. The most important, seen as significant vis-a vis Kashmir was the late Mufti Sayeed’s repeated assurances of allowing J&K ‘battle of ideas’, ‘freedom of expression’, ‘inclusiveness’.

The elections were fought; Lok Sabha as well as assembly. PDP emerged successful to the larger extent. Became partners of coalition, represents state in the Parliament, have two members in the house of elders. So the case is that they are in command; but the report card says something else at least in the subject they boasted to be the trend setters.

Since their first day of their first innings, there is not a single step towards achieving any of the three basic talking points of late Mufti. What actually happened is the reverse, undoing of what the PDP patron preached.

The change of guard did not let any change to occur on the ground. Insiders reveal that being in chair, even late Mufti was feeling chocked, leave aside freedom to masses.

The stint of her daughter is no different. The virtual world was put to halt many times as the physical life in valley. The killing spree continues. The street protest erupts again. Separatists are caged in their homes. There is nothing in sight which reassures us at-least to what late Mufti was talking about.

What the system terms as ‘anti-national’ may have curbs for ‘national security’. The disappointing part is when an elected lawmaker is humiliated. This may be true that we don’t recognize their authority, but at least they do acknowledge it within their own circles.

If a lawmaker of Indian system in Kashmir is suppressed to the extent that he leaves the rally, how can his voter have satisfaction to be in safe hands? More often than not, suppression bounces back and hits hard. Ms Mufti may take a note!


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