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A young boy draws jaw-dropping works without ever been part of an art class, reports Umar Mukhtar

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Zeeshan Wani’s Artwork Zeeshan Wani
Zeeshan Wani’s Artwork                                                                             Zeeshan Wani

It takes degrees and a lot of experience for a mature artist to hold hands firm and draw or paint. But this all comes so naturally to Zeeshan ShabirWani, 14 years old kid of Litter Pulwama. He lacked any exposure and the privileges of studying the basics of art but he still paints and draws jaw-dropping works.

When Zeeshan was a small kid, almost 4-year-old, he used to watch animated stuff on the TV. Once he finished watching the animated stuff, he tried drawing those characters on the paper.

“I remember I was in the second primary when I first time sketched a famous cartoon character– Doraemon,” Zeeshan said. “It was almost the same. My family members and friends in school were in awe when they saw it.”

This continued but his family members were of the idea that this is not something special he possesses. Zeeshan was the student of Jawahar Navodiya Vidiyala School Aglar, not far away from his home. In the seventh standard, he came home for holidays. Back home, he was sent to a local primary school for tuitions. Around that time, a winter camp for art competition was held in the schools. Zeeshan participated in the event. His performance was extraordinary.

It was on the basis of this competition that Zeeshan was selected for the district-level competition where he again stood first for brushing the beautiful art on the papers. This made his way as a contestant for the regional level. “The competition was not an easy one there,” Zeeshan remembers. “The contestants in this competition were very talented.” But Zeeshan again steals the limelight and was the top performer of the competition.

There are different forms of the art that Zeeshan is mastering now. He makes portraits, anamorphic illusion art, and landscape. To be more skilled and to hone his talent, Zeeshan is now taking the full advantage of technology. He said he researches a lot from the internet about the different forms of art.

“I did not know much about the 3D or illusion art,” Zeeshan admits. “Later, I saw many videos from YouTube and then I tried to brush it on the paper.” After a thorough rehearsal and practice, Zeeshan tried it by his own picture. He sketched it to such perfection that it was hard to differentiate between the digital photograph and the sketch Zeeshan made. Then he drew the sketches of his other family members.

Zeeshan almost got the support from all the quarters and his work was widely recognized and endorsed. His parents also support him but his father, a government employee, is pessimistic of a bright career ahead for such a field. “It is his desire to paint; I will cooperate with him and support him all the way but I believe it should not be the only field he has to concentrate upon,” Shabir Ahmad, his father said. “He has to pursue other courses side by side for a better future.”

But Zeeshan is very happy and content with what he is doing. He dwells so deep into the colours that he saves his pocket money and brings colour pencils from the e-commerce sites.

Zeeshan uses a range of paint-brushes for what he calls 3D art. His work ranges from spine-chilling cartoons that appear real to the making of the exact copies of photos. It almost takes him two hours to complete a drawing.

Zeeshan has now opened up his own YouTube channel by his name ZeeshanWani, where he uploads the making of his art and even talks about the talent he has. The just started channel has quite a number of followers.

One of his latest viral drawings he made was of a famous game PubG. The other pictures he drew onto the papers that went viral were the group of Avengers, a sketch of Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh and of others.


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