Party Can’t Be Strengthened At Civil Sect : Nasir

KL Desk


Soon after being appointed as the Provincial President Kashmir of the National Conference, former Minister of State for Home Nasir Aslam Wani tuesday said the cabinet reshuffle was done after due consultations for strengthening the party for 2014 Assembly and Parliamentary elections. He said that preparing the National Conference for the challenge of 2014 elections would remain on top of the list of his priorities.

“We have a huge challenge at hand which is the 2014 elections and I would put in every possible effort to strengthen the party at the grass root level”, Nasir Aslam Wani said while talking with KNS. He said today’s cabinet rejig had more to do with strengthening the party than the performance of various ministers and advisors in the government. “It should be seen more as a preparation for the upcoming elections that anything else, even the CM has made it clear. Whatever changes were made in the cabinet or the party, they were done after due consultations and evolving a consensus within the party”, Wani said.

He said that identifying the weaknesses in various aspects with regard to the party would be his immediate priority. “I am thankful to the party for giving me a huge responsibility. We have to counter a strong opposition and we would leave no stone unturned to ensure that party is fully activated and reinvigorated at the grass root level”, he added.

He said the party could not be strengthened from the civil secretariat but work needs to be done on ground. “Ministers should not remain confined to the secretariat. We would ensure that peoples trust is maintained and enhanced in the party by solving people’s problems”, he said.

Wani said the youth wing of the National Conference needs to be further activated and strengthened.


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