Passing resolution for the return of migrants a political gimmick, says Rasheed

Aakash Hassan


File Photo

As the Legislative assembly Thursday passed a resolution to bring back Kashmiri migrants, Langate legislator, Engineer Rasheed termed it a “mere scoring of political points”.

The first thing governments need to do is to talk with the genuine representatives of these people who have left Kashmir, Rasheed said while talking to reporters outside the Assembly.

Nothing happens by passing resolutions, had it been so National Conference would have passed the autonomy resolution, he said, “People don’t come home by resolutions.”

He also said that the people who left Kashmiri, left on their own and no one forced them to do so. “If the fear was militancy, it is still there in Kashmir.”

We welcome pandits and they should come and live in their homes, but the settlements won’t be acceptable, Rasheed said.

“Government should also look to bring back the people who got dislocated during the partition and have settled in Pakistan.”


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