Pattan Belt Tense, Police Initiate Identification Process For the ‘Slain’ Trio



palhalan (2)
Entry to ‘Model’ Palhallan Village.

Protests and clashes followed after police recovered three mangled bodies of unidentified youth from an orchard in North Kashmir’s Shutche village Monday.

Police said several youth from Pattan and Palhallan took to streets and lobbed stones at police and paramilitary forces soon after the word about the discovery made rounds. Shopkeepers down their shutters while schools and colleges closed down in anticipation of trouble.

Earlier today locals sighted three bodies that were lying near Dangerpora in Pattan. Police immediately rushed a team to the spot, officials said.

The corpses were sent to District Hospital, Baramulla for further examination. Police however remained tight-lipped about the identity of the slain youth. “We don’t know anything yet,” an official told Kashmir Life. “We will get the details as soon as they are post-mortemed.”

Gory images of mangled corpses of three young men took social media by storm Monday. The bodies bore “torture” marks. One of the bodies had nails severely torn out. Other had its head knocked loose, possibly due to a strong blow, according to locals.

Meanwhile three families who had field missing reports of their sons have been summoned for the identification of bodies.


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