No Place for ‘Big Marathon’ in Kashmir, says Shabir Shah’s Party



Terming the reaction of youth during ‘Big Kashmir Marathon’ at Kashmir University on Sunday as “eye-opener” for pro-India parties, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Secretary General Moulana Muhammad Abdullah Tari said the response of Kashmiris to such event was timely and justified.

“The pro-India elements must bear in mind that they can’t mislead the world community by organizing such kind of events in Kashmir, which is an occupied territory by the State of India,” Moulana Tari in a statement issued to press on Monday said.

“How can such non-sense programs be justified in a state where people are butchered openly? We will never at any cost allow such events, which promote free gender mixing, take place here,” Tari added.

Terming the organizing of such affairs as “deceptive politics” of occupational rulers, Moulana Abdullah said the people of Kashmir sent a clear message to world that there is no place for such “immoral events” here.  “The people of Kashmir live a life of slavery under the oppressive regime and these programs, to promote the so-called lifestyle, hold no meaning.”

Hailing the spirit and courage of youth, Moulana Tari said “India and its collaborators”, as usual, tried to mislead the international community that ‘all is well’ in Kashmir. “But our brave youth put all their (occupational regimes’) efforts in vain.”

Severely condemning the arrest of youth, in retaliation, by police, Tari said it is irony that they (police) instead of feeling ashamed of themselves, arrested youth and accused them of molesting and harassing the female folk.

Meanwhile, party chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah while talking to father of Lashkar-e-Toyiba Commander Irshad Ahmad Ganaie on phone expressed condolence and solidarity with the family.


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