Paucity of Facilities Badly Irk Patients at JVC Hospital

Tabish Khan


JVC Srinagar
JVC Srinagar

Limited resources available with JVC Hospital to cater to a huge population are taking a huge toll of patients who crowd outside theaters resulting in chaos.

JVC hospital is equipped with only one functional emergency operation theater making patients as well as doctors frequently pay the price. Higher flow of patients is hampering doctors in discharging their duties smoothly.

“Doctors are always found in queue outside Operation Theater to get their patients operated,” said a doctor on duty. “All types of operations are done in single theater which usually creates conflicts among doctors.”

Sometimes, the medico said, more than two patients are serious and need to get operated urgently. “But due to single theater, mess is created.”

He said that the doctors are usually found in line outside theater like patients outside OPD.

Attendant in hospital Manzoor Ahmad Hakak said that due to single functional theater, patients have been suffering. “Hospital is lacking in basic facility like a theater and we have to wait for our turn no matter how much patient is serious,” he said.

An official in JVC hospital, wishing anonymity said that they have already informed higher authorities about this matter. “But so far no step has been taken in order to tackle with huge flow,” he said.

A group of patients waiting outside the OPD expressed concern over “depleted” doctor-patient ratio in hospital.

“I am waiting since 4 hours in line for doctor with my daughter,” said Raheem Bhat resident of Kanipora and father of patient. “But still we are waiting for our turn. Number of doctors in hospital is very less as result of which doctors usually get exhausted due to overburden and patients do not get proper attention.”

Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent JVC, Dr Shafa played down the issue.

“Presently we are having one theater functional as another one was destroyed by mob,” he said. “But we are planning to make another theater functional too. We had asked for machines and equipments and we will be having them soon.”

He agreed that the absence of another theater was creating problems for both patients as well as for doctors. “But we are trying our level best to make it possible soon,” he said.

He also confided that doctor-patient ratio was not equal in hospital currently and that there was a need to increase the number of doctors.” But the conditions are still better than the previous year, he said.  “We procured 90% new equipment.”

(Tabish Khan is an internee with Kashmir Life)


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