PC resorting to blatant lies to hide its failures: NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday rejected the allegations of People’s Conference president Sajad Gani Lone about NC eroding the State Autonomy as “a bout of frustration and an admission of defeat before the parliamentary elections.”

In a statement NC Provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while rubbishing the cooked up allegations of PC president said, “The statement that was put out from PC yesterday is a sheer mockery and charade of historical facts. The untaught and dim-witted apologists as have been hired by Lone doesn’t know the difference between amendments and constitutional orders.  The unwavering trust that the people of the state are reposing in the leadership of Omar Abdullah is sending jitters across PC, which is a hideous and sultry mix up of flip-floppers and political vagabonds, drawing their sustenance from RSS-BJP.”

Imran while rejecting the allegations said, “The union government has extended only forty-seven presidential Orders with respect to Kashmir from 11 February 1956 to 19 February 1994. In 1994, our party was not in power, the order was pronounced under governor rule. Before Sheikh Sahab assumed office in 25 February 1975 unremitting attacks were carried out by the centre through its cronies in the state including Bakshi, Sadiq and others who administrated the state until Sher-e-Kashmir took the reins of power. The state didn’t see any presidential order being implemented under NC government after Sher-e –Kashmir resumed t office. However, the income-tax act of 1961 was applied in the state during the reign of Sadiq, which was much before Sheikh Sb resumed office. No act passed by the parliament was adopted by the state legislature during the tenure of National conference.”

“However it was only in the coalition government of BJP-PDP that the central goods and services act 2017 was adopted by the state legislature. Here Sajad is saying in his statement that constitution order 100, constitution order 101 the list goes up to constitution order 122. However, how can there be 100 plus constitution orders when so far the state constitution has went through 29 amendments until 2002. The presidential orders until 1994 are only forty-seven.”

Imran said that PC is unnerved by the swarming response of the people to National Conference and its agenda of protecting the identity and integrity of the state. “Lone was a part of BJP –PDP coalition government; we didn’t saw him raise any qualms when GST was being implemented in the state. We didn’t saw him throw tantrums then, had he raised his voice then it would have made an impact. He did raise his voice but that was for getting plush Cabinet post. BJP functionaries have on record said that Sajad is their own man. Sajad has time and again referred to PM Modi as his elder brother.  The high-spirited friendship of PC and BJP was exhibited in the ULB polls as well.”

Imran said that people remember how Sajad praised Modi at a time when minorities particularly Muslims were being targeted by RSS backed cow vigilantes. “His embrace with PM Modi is still alive in the explicit memories of people. Having being failed to inspire the people, lone has ashamedly taken to blatant lying and concocting facts. However, he stands no ground. People have already made their mind to give a befitting reply to RSS poster boys Sajad lone and et al.”

While rejecting the assertions of Sajad Lone on 1987 elections, he said, “PC has been parroting 1987 rigging again and again. However, had there been any rigging most of the standing cabinet minister would not have lost the elections. Besides that, there is no case impending against us and no complaint lodged against us in that respect. Had there been any rigging, the opponents should have moved to court.  This pet blame is not substantiated by any fact.”

Referring to Sajad’s demand for having a public debate with NC, Imran said that National Conference had to contest elections in 1977, 1996 to protect the special status of the state from the unremitting attacks of those forces as having always been inimical to it. “We had no option left with us, if we had to put a stoppage on the attacks on our identity from the then Congress-led state and centre governments of which late Abdul Gani Lone was a member then, we had to join electoral politics to protect the interests of state from the centre,” he said.


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