PCC Deeply Hurt By The Current Situation In Kishtwar: Soz

KL Report


Prof Saifuddin Soz in a statement issued  to KNS said that our first thoughts are with those who have been victims of violence that has claimed two lives and injured many others.

“Loss of property is immense, confidence in the administration has been dented and communal harmony has been disturbed. We should not take these developments lightly but focus on preventing such incidents in the future and staying vigilant against divisive and disruptive elements that are bent upon playing politics with the lives of people to benefit their own agendas,” he said.

In his appeal Prof Soz said that Congress Party appeals to the people of Kishtwar, and other parts of J&K, to maintain communal harmony, focus on improving their own lives, and not give in to the designs of those vested interests that use fear as an instrument to revive their political fortunes.

Condemning the act of violence, he said that  the violence has disturbed peace in Kishtwar, even on a day that Muslims and Hindus and others celebrate Eid together in the State with traditional brotherhood and amity.

Prof Soz calls on the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to institute an independent commission of inquiry, comprising of eminent citizens from across J&K, to establish the causes of violence in Kishtwar as well as investigate allegations levelled by the people of Kishtwar against administrative laxity, which led to complete lawlessness there. “Only by holding people accountable and understanding the reasons for communal tensions can we hope to prevent such incidents in the future.”



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