PDP-BJP Alliance late Mufti’s Final Legacy; Own It or Disown It: NC tells Mehbooba



PDP held a party meeting on Sunday at Muftis' Fairview residence. KL Image: Mehbooba Mufti
PDP held a party meeting on Sunday at Muftis’ Fairview residence. KL Image: Mehbooba Mufti

National Conference on Sunday termed PDP’s statement following a party meeting in Srinagar as yet another “contemptuous attempt” to test the patience of the people and the continued and liberal indulgence of the Honourable Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

“A continued delay in Government formation has put J&K in a precarious constitutional situation where two legislative parties continue to be in an alliance with adequate numbers but are still adamant to rob the people of their constitutional right to a have an elected government. If PDP wants assurances from the BJP about the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ now, what was Mufti Sahab doing for the last ten months while every single political and developmental promise in the CMP was flouted and broken by both parties in carefully cinematographed fixed matches? PDP’s alliance with the BJP is Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s final and definitive political legacy – PDP should either own it or disown it without any further delay. There is no third, middle-path,” NC Spokesperson said in a party statement this evening.

“It will soon be a month since the State has been put under Governor’s rule despite two legislative parties with more than adequate numbers in the Legislative Assembly continuing in an alliance. While one empathized with Mehbooba Mufti for her grief that prevented her from taking over after Late Mufti Sahab’s demise, she and her party have now made it evident that they will test the patience of the people and the indulgence of the Honourable Governor to the hilt in an attempt to placate its own disgruntled supporters and also try and create a perception of conscience – one that has never existed. Such disdainful disrespect for institutional democracy and such effortless flouting of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir is not only astounding but unprecedented,” NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson said if Mehbooba Mufti and her party “want to disown the final political legacy of their founder, they should do so and allow the people” of the State to exercise their democratic right to choose a new representative Government that not only resumes the responsibilities of governance but also safeguards the sensitive strategic and political interests of the State. “This continued theatre of absurdity by the PDP is not an alternative to the constitutional and political responsibilities of the largest political party in the Legislative Assembly and calls into question PDP’s seriousness in governing the State beyond its own partisan rhetoric and interests. The people of J&K did not participate in elections in such large numbers so that the PDP would first betray their mandate by aligning with the BJP and then for the PDP Spokesperson to come out week after week asking the people to continue living in endless political instability,” the NC Spokesperson added.

“Any further delay in Government formation while PDP and BJP continue to be in an alliance would not only be unconstitutional but would also discredit the neutrality and objectivity of political institutions in the State – and for a State like Jammu and Kashmir, this comes with grave risks. We hope the constitution is respected and its principles upheld to safeguard the constitutional rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” the NC Spokesperson stated.


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