PDP-BJP Government poses a grave threat to Jammu and Kashmir’s interests: NC


Senior National Conference Leader and Former Finance Minister of the State, Abdul Rahim Rather on Thursday said the PDP-BJP Government posed a grave threat to the interests of the State as it was working clandestinely to weaken and fragment the State to derive political dividends from such divisive and destructive politics. Addressing a public meeting at Loolipora area of Chrar Constituency at the conclusion of an extensive tour of Chrar, Abdul Rahim Rather said a completely collapsed economy and unprecedented political uncertainty were gifts of the Mehbooba Govt to the people of Kashmir.

“This Government is actively involved in disempowering the State and its institutions in an effort to further its longstanding agenda of revoking our special status. The PDP is playing an active and instrumental role in furthering BJP’s agenda in the State. While BJP is openly working towards abrogating our special status – a strategy that will be unleashed perhaps ahead of the next General Elections, the PDP is not only playing along but also contributing to this unprecedented assault on our honour and dignity”, the Former Finance Minister said while addressing the meeting.

The Senior NC Leader expressed disappointment at the State of misgovernance, corruption and ineptness that had become a norm as people were left to fend for themselves. “Every basic responsibility of the Government has been abdicated as the Chief Minister continues to rule the State without a clear and well-defined vision. Remaining in power seems to be the sole focus of the present dispensation and pressing public grievances and economic issues have been summarily ignored. This Government has plunged the State into a dark phase of growing unemployment, economic recession and hopelessness. When it comes to the extension of GST to the State, the Mehbooba Mufti Government has not only compromised on the State’s fiscal autonomy but has also shattered our economy and is forcing thousands of business into closure and bankruptcy due to shoddy implementation and systemic chaos. This is resulting in a spiralling effect that adds to the level of alienation and isolation among our youth”, Rather further said.

The Senior National Conference Leader said National Conference was committed to fighting against a repressive, unjust and clueless Government and would evolve a consensus at the grassroots level to take the State out of the current morass.

“We have to work with cohesion and diligence to reverse the negative consequences being faced by the State and its people due to this Government’s policies and misplaced priorities and the youth have to be at the forefront of this effort. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Farooq Abdullah and the dynamic leadership of Mr. Omar Abdullah, our party will work with the hardworking and talented youth of our State to usher it into a corrective era of growth, stability, peace and prosperity”, the Former Finance Minister added.


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