PDP-BJP Govt will not survive more than six months: Kamal

KL Report


National Conference Tuesday said that that PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed unfurled green flags in Kashmir Valley to get the sympathy of people and militants and now the same party is keen to forge an alliance with ‘anti-Kashmir’ party BJP, thus making it clear that this party can go to any extent to grab the power.

“It really will be a great embarrassment for PDP to form the government with the support of BJP. This party will put the dignity of Kashmiri voters at stake by joining hands with such a party that played politics with the flood affected people of Kashmir,” National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal told CNS adding that PDP will become the first party in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that will help BJP to enjoy power in the State.

Kamal said that PDP is playing politics with the people of Kashmir by giving an impression that government with the BJP will formed by keeping all the controversial issues aside. “Once you keep the controversial issues aside, how can you then revoke Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the State,” Kamal said.

He alleged that the sole purpose of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is to assume power and for this purpose he can compromise on any issue. “We wonder how PDP will face the people and what it will offer to them. I am not the enemy of Mufti or PDP but my simple suggestion to him to take a decision that will not hurt the sentiments of the people of Kashmir,” he said.

Kamal alleged that PDP mislead people of Kashmir by waving green flags. “In a bid to appease people and to get their votes, Muti in his Ganderbal election rally conveyed to militants that they don’t need to hide in forests and they should come forward as he is their real representative. If Mufti is the real representative of militants then how come he is forced to forge an alliance with BJP,” he said.

Kamal added that never on earth BJP will allow Mufti to revoke AFSPA from the state. “Contrary, BJP will pitch for the rights of Hindu refugees settled in Jammu and mark my words that BJP-PDP government will not survive more than six months,” he said.


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