PDP-BJP responsible for prevailing uncertainty: Congress


Describing the contradiction between PDP BJP as the main factor responsible for the worsening situation in the state, Congress Sunday lashed out at ruling dispensation for the disturbances and prevailing uncertainty in the valley.

Taking a dig at Mehbooba Mufti led Govt, the party said state government has failed to ensure safety of common people, besides that the people are being pushed to wall by one way or the other way, for no fault of theirs.

Congress also described the unabated braid cutting as a ploy to disturb peace in the state which the state government has miserably failed to put an end to such type of shameful actions.

Pradesh Congress Committee held a meeting of party workers at Sopore Dak Bunglow Sunday. The meeting was presided over by Pradesh Congress Committee President G.A. Mir.

Congress leaders addressing meeting on Sunday

Senior Congress Leaders Taj Mohi U Din, Tariq Hamid Karra, Haji Ab. Rashid Dar, Gulzar Ahmad Wani, Gulam Nabi Monga, Mohammad Muzaffar Parray and other senior party functionaries addressed the meeting and strongly condemned the unabated braid chopping in the valley and asked the government to come clean over the issue.

Lamenting the fact that state government led by Mehbooba Mufti has miserably failed to ensure safety of people in the state especially in the valley, President G.A. Mir lashed out at both state and central government for their lackadaisical attitude towards the people, saying that it seems that people were no more important for PDP BJP, as if, they are intruders not the citizens of the state, besides the indifferent attitude on their part has led to the deep alienation among the people, as a result, there is complete uncertainty prevailing in the state.

He said had there been no contradiction among the coalition partners, the genuine concerns of the people would have got addressed, if not fully, but to some extent, but the differences, surfaced from time to time, between the coalition partners has added chaos to the situation, as a result, common people in all the three regions were the worst hit, besides the misrule and mismanagement of the situations arising from time to time have added woes to people not only in Kashmir, but Jammu and Ladakh also.

He questioned as to why this government is not able to ensure safety of the people especially the women, whose braids were being chopped day in and day out and despite hue and cry across the Valley, nothing was done, even there is no trace of culprits, who do make their entry into houses in a broad day light and chop the braid of women.

Stating that from this place (Sopore), I want to refresh the memory of Chief Minister that whenever any untoward incidents happened at any place in past, she (CM) without looking right and left blown things out of proportion, thereby misleading people inorder to gain political mileage, but what happened today.

He cautioned the people about the anti-social activists’ hell bent upon to disturb peace and tranquility under the garb of unabated braid cuttings and urged that people must not take law in their hands. He also appealed people especially youth not harass any innocent on the pretext of braid chopping, if anybody is found involved, he should be dealt as per the law.

Addressing the Party workers former minister & senior congress leader Taj Mohi-ud-Din urged upon the people to get united and defeat the nefarious designs of anti-peace and anti-social activists behind unabated braid cutting, for the fact, state government led by PDP is not able to address things, as that, they have lost control on everything, unable to do anything.

He said people have to remain vigilant and cautious enough, saying that he has sensed that anti peace elements want to disturb the peace and tranquility in the state especially in valley in order to serve their vested interests. PDP BJP Coalition cannot escape the responsibility of damaging peace and tranquility in the State especially in Kashmir valley, Taj said.

Mentioning that people are being subjected mental torture senior Congress leader & EX. MP Tariq Hamid Karra blamed the Coalition Partners (PDP BJP) for failing to create a congenial atmosphere in the state, saying that betrayal and backstabbing of the people after securing votes from them is responsible for the deep alienation among the people.

Hitting out at ruling dispensation for adopting the policy of mental terrorism in the state Tariq Hamid Karra said PDP BJP is responsible for the agony and anguish among the people, the Coalition (PDP BJP) has changed political discourse in the state, for the sake of coming into the power.

He said people in all the three regions have realized that the vote to PDP BJP in 2014 elections has brought death and destruction only, as a result they were feeling dejected over the way they are being treated. The promises made with the people by this unholy coalition have not been fulfilled, as yet.

Addressing the meeting MLA Sopore & Vice President Abdul Rashid Dar accused PDP of playing with the emotions of people, saying that this party has crossed all limits of discrimination against the people, but at the same, time he added that people have realized the agenda of PDP, as a result they have lost faith in this party.

He said state government led by PDP is in a deep slumber, not even able to safeguard the modesty of the women, which is in great danger, the irony is that, Chief Minister being herself a women, She doesn’t feel the pain of women, which is highly condemnable.



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