PDP Caught Between Devil and Deep Sea: Congress



The JK Congress chief Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Saturday said the PDP at present is caught in a difficult situation with party in no position to take any final decision viz-a-viz the government formation in the state.

Mir told KNS that the PDP is caught between the devil and the deep sea with its leadership in a fix over which direction they would give to the party. “There is chaos and uncertainty prevailing all over within the PDP. It cannot take any decision about how to end the present stalemate,” Mir said.

The Congress chief added that on one hand the party wants re-enter into an alliance with the BJP but has to remain vary of the public wrath that it would witness in the coming time. On the other hand, party even cannot go to the people and seek voters for it has done nothing for them during its long months in power. “It is to be or not to be situation for the PDP chief. The party is sure to witness drubbing if it decided to go for fresh polls and if it re-enters into the alliance, its fate would get more dreadful,” said the state Congress chief.

While trainings guns against the BJP and PDP for failing the people of the state on all fronts, Mir said that earlier, it took both the parties more than 67 days to form the coalition government in the state. “That delay was also aimed to make people forget the ramifications of the un-natural alliance. We at that time had said the expiry date of this un-usual marriage would be witnessed soon,” Mir added.


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