PDP Condemns Geelani’s Arrest; Nc’s Kamal Say Geelani ‘Instigate People To Revolt’

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday condemned the government decision placing Syed Ali Geelani under house arrest. However, National Conference (NC) supported the government decision saying that Geelani has been placed under house arrest for his provocative statements ‘instigating people to revolt against an elected government’.

Talking to a local news agency, KNS, Naeem Akhter, PDP chief spokesman and MLC observed that placing the senior separatist leader under house confinement is ‘strongly condemnable’. “We demand he should be immediately released and should be given a full political space to work.”

Akhter maintained that the present dispensation is hell bent to bring shame to the democratic ethos of the country. “We are living in a democratic country and putting curbs on one’s movement is undemocratic. This government is bringing shame to democracy and democratic norms.”

On the other hand, Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, NC additional general secretary told KNS that administration must have taken the decision keeping in view the ground situation. “But let me tell you that what should you do when a person is hell bent to disturb law and order. Geelani incites people to go for revolt against an elected government. He is hitting everybody from right to left and the centre. He should understand that he belongs to a religion which believes in peace not violence which he propagates.”

Kamal said, “I want to ask Geelani what is his contribution except for inciting people, instigating them to go for violence? He is crossing limits.”

When asked why the government hesitates in providing a free political space to Geelani under democratic norms, Kamal said, “We tried that experiment also but what did he do. He said Gun is an option. He justified stone pelting. So there is no option left but to allow the administration to take such decisions which are in tune with the ground situation.”


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