PDP, Creation of Mufti’s Vision, Skill, Political Wisdom: Spokesperson



Former Parliamentarian and PDP Chief spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg Monday said PDP is creation of Mufti vision, skills and political wisdom.

Beg, while reacting to the comments of the former RAW Chief, AK Dulat said, “PDP was built on the hard-work and persistence of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and was further entrenched into the hearts and minds of the people by the efforts of Mehbooba Mufti, who went to every nook and corner of the state, working tirelessly to take the agenda and vision of PDP to the door-steps of the masses.”

“Any efforts to belittle or malign the Political Leadership of Jammu and Kashmir should not be taken lying down and the masses as well as the political parties across the board should unite and stand-up against it. Mufti deserves a lot of credit for providing the people of Jammu and Kashmir with a political alternative which is essential for a flourishing democracy,” he said.

Beg was also severe on Dulat’s revelation of New Delhi having sponsored the medical treatment of certain leaders in Kashmir and said that such “humanitarian issues” need not be given a political color. “Casting aspersions of the Jammu and Kashmir political leadership and giving a political color to everything related to the state was unbecoming of a man of Dulat’s stature and did not leave a good precedence for those to follow,” he said.

The PDP leader endorsed the view to take all stake-holders in the J&K dispute on-board and consistently engaging them in talks.


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