PDP Doesn’t Have any Solutions, Just Raw Ambitions: Omar





National Conference Working President and former CM Omar Abdullah on Monday said all “self-marketed myths” of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed stood exposed as the current PDP-BJP Coalition Government had turned out to be a complete failure that stood on an ever-mounting pyre of broken promises and U-turns. “From 2005 to 2014, PDP’s propaganda machinery wanted us to believe that Mufti Sayeed was the only magical solution to all vexed political and economic problems that others had only tried to solve in right earnest. Today, these myths about Mufti Sayeed stand shattered. Not only has Mufti Sahab broken every single political promise that he had made to garner votes but, adding insult to injury his Government has also proven to be a policy and governance nightmare for a State in dire need of economic impetus after the devastation of the 2014 floods,” NC Working President Omar Abdullah said while addressing party workers in Handwara and Baramulla.

“Mufti Sahab where are your self-marketed solutions today? Where is the road from J&K to China that Mehbooba Mufti had promised? What about the additional LoC openings that you had promised? What about the revocation of AFSPA, the safeguarding of Article 370, the return of power projects and the resumption of dialogue with Hurriyat leadership? Where are the power projects that you promised to get back for J&K in your Common Minimum Program (CMP)? Why has PDP gone completely silent and compliant on AFSPA? Does your party not stand for the revocation of AFSPA anymore? Where are the placards, the protest marches and what happened to all that melodrama? The fact of the matter is that PDP used all these emotive issues to exploit the sentiments of the people and ditched them at the first sight of power. Their truck with the BJP is unarguably the most opportunistic U-turn in the history of J&K and this will prove to be the final nemesis of the party,” Omar Abdullah said.

The NC Working President said the PDP-BJP Alliance had created an atmosphere of political chaos and uncertainty in the State. “There is an atmosphere of political uncertainty and instability in the State. There is a clear intention to communalize the atmosphere in the State as the PDP-BJP Coalition has made it abundantly clear that officers would now be transferred and posted on the basis of their religion. The common-man has to run from pillar to post to get his basic grievances acknowledged as the Chief Minister has nothing to offer. All promises of a Flood Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Package have proven to be cruel jokes. There is no visible effort to dispense governance nor is there a political will to reconstruct the public infrastructure that was damaged in the floods,” he said.


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