PDP failed to protect dignity, honour of Kashmiris: Sagar


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday asserted that during its stint in power PDP failed to protect the dignity and honor of people.

NC general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar addressing a public meet at Chitragam, Wachi in Shopian district.

Addressing a public meet at Chitragam, Wachi party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said that the much-touched catchphrase of PDP ‘Goli Say Nahi Boli Say’ and ‘healing touch’ didn’t materialize whilst they shared power in BJP in the state.

“The mask that PDP put on fell off after they opened flood gates for BJP into the State. People have lately perceived the real face of PDP during the past four years. It was the same Mufti Syed who while addressing a public meet had assured militants to stand for them, nonetheless what followed is known to all. It was the same PDP who after joining hands with BJP closed the doors of reconciliation with militants. When PDP was told to bow down, it chose to crawl before BJP. People still remember how PDP had closed its eyes and ears to the miseries of people. We saw how highly educated youth took to militancy; such was the disenchantment among youth that they left their studies and took to the path of violence. At that time when people were expecting her to impress upon the GoI to start a process of reconciliation, she bolted her mouth. At that time she was all praise for Narendra Modi,” he said.

He further added, “She never let go any chance to eulogize PM Modi. She had publically said that Modi Ji gave her what she even hadn’t asked for. Mehbooba ji under the spell of power even went a step further and put PM Modi on a higher pedestal. We didn’t see her show any remorse over the killings, blinding, CASO’s, and other miseries which she cheerfully presided over. On the contrary, she mocked the miseries of people with her ‘Toffee and Milk’ comments. She had barefacedly said that the weapons of security forces are not for mere display but action. People are aware of her political bankruptcy and slyness. No gimmickry and passing the blame can absolve her of the role she played in destroying Kashmir, in particular, the south Kashmir, which bore the brunt of her deceptive politics.”

While flaying Mehbooba Mufti for berating and belittling the mandate of people Sagar said, “Today we see Mehbooba ji shed crocodile tears over the miseries of people, but wasn’t that Mehbooba Ji, in  whose stint as CM of the state, people were barred from offering Friday congregational prayers at Jamia Masjid for 52 consecutive Fridays. It was in her reign that people were not allowed to offer Eid Nimaz.  Now it is the right time for people to seek answers from her for deceiving them on the promises she made to them during the run-up of 2014 elections.”

Sagar while appreciating party vice president Omar Abdullah for his earnestness said, “During our stint in power we took no time to form inquiry commission on killings, the reports of which were not made public by the former PDP-BJP government. We as a party do not shy away from accepting our mistakes; our leadership on many occasions had acknowledged our mistakes with a commitment of not repeating them. We as a party owe our being to people. Sher-e-Kashmir used to say that people are the real source of power. These cherished words of our leader guide our politics, we will continue to work for the interests of people.”

Party general secretary said that NC and the people of Kashmir do not require any sermons on tolerance and pluralism. “People of Kashmir have always upheld inter-religious camaraderie even during the most trying times. NC has always nurtured the age-old tradition of tolerance in our state. It was Mahatma Gandhi who in our efforts had seen a ray of hope when the sub-continent was swept away with religious frenzy. However, Mufti-Jagmohan combines tarnished and dented that age-old predisposition of ours by engineering the migration of Kashmiri Pundit community. Our faith Islam also upholds humanistic values, it is the Holy Quran which stresses on the fact that all the creation is like a family to Almighty. Our party abides by that rule, and we will continue to work for the protection of the secular and pluralistic character of our state,” he said.

Sagar said that the state chose to be a part of India on certain conditions.  “The state only acceded to India; we didn’t merge with the union of India like other princely states. On the contrary, our leadership secured the state its flag, its own constitution and other sleuths of constitutional safeguards for the protection of its identity through the Delhi Agreement. Let me take this opportunity to say that we are not a colony of India, we the people of Kashmir are the rightful and equal citizens of India. When we ask for restoration of pre-1953 status, we aren’t seeking anything new. We are seeking what was taken away from us. We will continue to work for the restoration of our autonomy and at the same time the team led by Dr Sahib, comprising Masoodi sahib and Lone sahib will spare no efforts to work for the protection of Art 370, Art 35-A both inside and outside the parliament,” he said.

Among others, party leaders including Dr Bashir Veeri, Showkat Hussain, Shabir Kullay, Mohammad Shafi, Mir Saifullah, Rafiq Shah, Salam ud Din Sajad were also present.


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