PDP Helped RSS Make Inroads into Kashmir: MP Tariq H Karra



Tariq Hameed Karra
Tariq Hameed Karra

Even as Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed claims that BJP-PDP alliance was for peace and development of the state, his senior party colleague and central Kashmir MP Tariq Hamid Karra said the alliance has proved detrimental for not only PDP’s interests, but the interest of a state as a whole.

“If we do an honest appraisal of this government’s six month tenure, nothing seems to be happening on the ground on political, economic and developmental fronts. There seems to be more of rhetorical symbolism in this Government’s functioning than any tangible deliverance on ground,” Karra told in an interview KNS.

As a strong critique of his party’s alliance with right-wing BJP, Karra in an interview to a mainland Indian daily newspaper has also made similar statement by asserting that the coalition government in the state has “failed miserably” on all fronts.  He has also said that RSS has successfully made inroads into Kashmir, a place they could only dream about till now, only because of the BJP-PDP alliance.

The senior PDP leader said that an inherent bias at various levels in New Delhi establishment towards Kashmir was a reason for delay in announcement of financial package to flood hit state. “If New Delhi can reach out to the people affected by natural calamities in Uttarakhand and Nepal with hefty relief and rehabilitation package, what is preventing it from doing so in Kashmir? It seems to be only because of an inherent bias at various levels in New Delhi establishment,” Karra said.

Karra being the member of the PDP-BJP coalition coordination committee has not attended a single meeting of the panel as he says he was not part of the arrangement either before the formation of the alliance or afterwards.



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