Spread, Share Friday’s Photograph in which Cop Has Covered Face of a Minor: Hurriyat (g)



Cop covering face of a minor in Nowhatta on October 16, 2015. (Photo courtesy: Faisal Khan)
Cop covering face of a minor in Nowhatta on October 16, 2015.

While strongly condemning the “inhuman behaviour of police” towards a nine years old child, arresting and blindfolding him, misbehaving with the media persons and threatening to shoot them, Hurriyat Conference (g) said that the Srinagar roads are presenting the look of Jerusalem and Gaza and the government forces here are using extreme force against the common people particularly the minors just like the Israeli forces are doing in the Palestine.

Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “it is the normal process in the conflict zones of the world that the people come on roads to express their displeasure but the story of Jammu & Kashmir is exception to this fact and this democratic right of the people here has been snatched from them and the authorities has created martial law like situations in this state.”

In a statement to KNS, Hurriyat (g) appealed people especially youth “to more and more spread and share the Friday’s photograph in which the policemen are seen covering the face and eyes of a minor student in Srinagar then whisked him away to the police station”.

Praising the photojournalist who clicked the Friday’s photo, the statement said, “this photo is the real picture of the situations in Kashmir and it helps the people to visualize the state terrorism of the government forces in Kashmir to suppress the peaceful voices of its people and the students of 3rd and 4th standard are too no exception to these terrorist acts.”

Hurriyat (g) said, “the minors in Kashmir are not only arrested but they are subjected to the worst kind of custodial tortures and FIR’s are also registered against them. And then these innocent students are engaged in non-ending court hearing practice.”

“The government is deliberately denting the career of the children. With respect to the serious condition of the Kashmiri children, the Hurriyat Conference appeals human rights organization and UNICEF to full fill their responsibility in the protection of the children,” the statement added.

The statement further read, “the journalists working in Jammu & Kashmir are also not allowed to freely perform their professional duties and whenever they are covering any public protest, they have to face harassment and even sometimes they are beaten by the government forces. It is extremely an undemocratic practice and it also amounts to the banning of the freedom of expression.”

“The police and other government forces should also understand this fact that Kashmir is not any law and order problem which could be solved by using force. It is a 68 years old political and human issue. Arresting and detaining youths and minors protesting on the roads is not the solution of this problem. New and fresh faces will take the place of the arrested and older people and until the Kashmir issue is not addressed in and according to the wishes and aspirations of its people, this process will continue and no police force can control this,” the statement added.


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