PDP is focused at devising sustainable strategies, Parra tells workers in Pulwmma

Parra speaking to his workers in Pulwamma
Parra speaking to his workers in Pulwamma

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People Democratic Party (PDP) is not only determined for the economic and political empowerment of the state, but is also determined to put in place the comprehensive plan of action for the welfare of all the segments of the society, party’s youth president Waheed Ur Rehman Parra said. He was addressing daylong workers convention at Pulwamma.

“It was dreaming of Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to see the young ones touching the heights and his concern for the young generation was immense. He was of the firm belief that it is essential to recognize potential of the youth for the economic, political and social development of the state in youth policy that was conveyed by the party,” a party statement quoted Parra saying.

“PDP is focused at devising sustainable strategies to give representation to young people improve their living conditions which will give them greater voice in political decision making process.”

Emphasizing the need for involving the youth in building a modern and peaceful J&K, Para said “the state can come out of its problems of uncertainty and development, only if the younger population is engaged creatively and their talent and energy given a positive direction”.


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