PDP lawmaker explains party crisis, accuses leadership of favoritism


Terming the policies of former Chief Minister and President Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the main reasons for the abasement of PDP, Senior PDP leader and Member of Legislative Assembly Zadibal, Abid Hussain Ansari reiterates these views during a public gathering at Zadibal, Srinagar.

Abid Ansari

Abid in his address said that he vehemently challenged certain decisions that were taken by Mehbooba Mufti before the end of the alliance.

Addressing the public gathering at Zadibal Srinagar, Abid Ansari lashes out on previous government and highly criticized the policies that were adopted by former chief Minster. “We are not satisfied with the work or policies that were undertaken during PDP and BJP regime,” he said.

Abid, who is also the General Secretary of Shia Association, blames Mehbooba for her haste policies and termed her decisions venomous for the Party.

While addressing the media on the sidelines of a function, he said the party vice-president, Sartaj Madani is unaware about politics and the decisions taken by ex-CM were also the results of wrong policies.

He also alleged the party leaders for misguiding besides spoon feeding former Chief minister with void advice.

“Ex-Roads & Buildings Minister, Naeem Akhtar and Political Secretary to the ex-CM, Peer Mansoor Hussain have misguided her with their wrong advice that subsequently results in formulating wrong policies and decisions.”

He said: “however, many leaders apprised her on time but she ignored the views pointed by them.”

He also alleged that the previous government was gripped in nepotism and favoritism thereby provided the top positions to their dear ones.

“While answering the question on forming a coalition government with Congress, he said that Congress Party has only 12 members besides that Congress has no base in Kashmir. So how far can PDP go with Congress in joining hands with them?”

He also stressed on Centre government to engage in the dialogue process with Pakistan over Kashmir so as to stop the innocent killings in Kashmir.

He further said it is highly unjustified that the whole family has to face the brunt if anyone from the family joins the militant ranks.

While did not rules out to join other political party, “To work for the betterment of people, the decision of contesting next election will be taken accordingly as I don’t want to give hiccups to some people right from now,” Ansari adds.


  1. MLA Abid Ansari’s statement came when they are no where,why not he spoke when they were ruling the govt,he is justifying himself.It is clear he is not loyal person.


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