PDP Meet: Mufti Invites Hurriyat with Suggestions on Food Law




Peoples Democratic Party Saturday held a marathon review of functioning of its government with its alliance partner, BJP, opposition by Hurriyat and other non-government unionist parties against implementation of National Food Security Act in the state, Municipal and Panchayat polls, and recruitment of educated youth in government.

Led by Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, PDP held a four-hour long meeting with all its ministers, legislators, district heads and special invitees of the party at Banquet Hall here to review the working of the party as the government was nearing  a year in office.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti was also present at the meeting.

The chief minister got the feedback from the ministers, legislators, senior party workers about the functioning of the government and how people look at the working of the government.

Sources told KNS that the chief minister directed all the party ministers and legislators to help the government to maintain transparency in employing educated youth for government jobs.

“The chief minister told the party men that employment of youth should be considered on merit. And a complete transparency will be maintained by the government in recruitment,” sources said, adding that the CM said that if the PDP-led government resorts to favouritism then “its government will be no different from its predecessors”.

The PDP welcomed Hurriyat Conference and the opposition for raising daily issues of public like Food Law. “Hurriyat Conference and opposition parties should come forward with their suggestions to the food law. We have not closed the chapter of food law yet. We will welcome suggestions of people to create a healthy debate. It is beneficial for the state if Hurriyat raises day-to-day needs of people. Raising such issues will help us in good governance,” sources said, quoting Mufti.

Sources added Mufti suggested that Hurriyat and opposition “should send their experts before the government” to discuss and debate the issues and demands of the people about the new food law.

They said that the party workers suggested that the local bodies’ polls should be deferred. However, Mufti rejected their suggestion, saying that conducting polls is a democratic exercise, and deferring polls will hamper the functioning of these institutions. These elections will be held as per schedule, sources quoted Mufti as saying.

The party also discussed functioning of the departments like education, horticulture, agriculture, rural development, public works departments and other developmental works.

Sources further said that Mehbooba Mufti told the participants that talk with Pakistan was a welcome step and it was a step towards fulfilling agenda of the PDP about Kashmir issue.

Mehbooba said that dialogue between India and Pakistan will ultimately help people in Kashmir as it will ease out tensions between the two hostile countries.

The PDP president also said that the government and its ministers will be held accountable before the people for maintaining transparency.

She said that the PDP’s main agenda was to keep the spirit of accountability and transparency and will fulfil its agenda. Sources said she asked the party leaders to remain well connected with the people at the grassroots.


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