Noted Paediatrician Dr Kaisar is GMC Principal



Dr Kaisar Ahmad
Dr Kaisar Ahmad

The government Saturday appointed Dr Kaisar Ahmad, senior paediatrician of the Valley, as the Principal of the Government Medical College.

Dr Kaisar assumed the charge of GMC principal assumed charge after his predecessor Dr Rafeeq Pampori sought voluntary retirement on Thursday over his differences with the Minister of Health and Medical Education Choudhary Lal Singh.

While talking to KNS, Dr Kaisar said that his preference as GMC principle will be strengthening of GMC and its associated hospitals.

Dr Kaisar, Professor of GMC’s paediatrics department, said that the Medical Education Department will coordinate and communicate with the peripheral hospitals to lessen the burden on associated hospitals.

“We will form a mechanism thorough which peripheral hospitals will communicate and coordinate with the medical hospitals about referrals. The hospitals should inform us about the referral, and we will give them feedback about the patients which need to be referred,” the new GMC principal said.

Dr Kaisar said that medical education department can also help the health department by training its human resource on rotation basis.

“We can impart training to doctors of peripheral hospitals on rotation which will help them improve the human resources,” he said.


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