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As the final phase of Lok Sabha polls was on in various states, J&K’s Principal opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday made it clear that it will not join either of the two established power alliances at the centre, UPA and NDA.

The party spokesman, Naeam Akhtar told Kashmir Life that PDP was looking beyond any alliance “to tackle the Kashmir centric issues”.

“We are not looking at alliances because an alliance can give us a berth in the central cabinet which we are not interested in,” Akhtar said adding “We are looking at things beyond alliances.”

PDP contested on five out of six Lok Sabha seats in the recently concluded elections in J&K. The ruling National Conference in almost every election rally alleged PDP for joining hands with NDA in advance.

“As a small regional party we went to the Lok Sabha polls with our own manifesto that is Kashmir centric,” Akhtar said. He added, “We may require support from everybody in tackling the issues we talked about.”

When asked to opine about the poll results Akhtar said that it was too early, however he said that the party was satisfied by the reports which it received from every corner of the valley.

“It is too early to say something about the poll results but it is sure that we are not allying with UPA or NDA,” he concluded.


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