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Tanvir Sadiq

National Conference on Tuesday lashed out at the PDP led government calling it a second fiddle of RSS for furthering their anti-Kashmir and divisive agenda

“PDP is the Trojan horse, and is playing second fiddle of RSS to weaken the special status of the State” National Conference Leader and Political secretary to the Working President Tanvir Sadiq, said while addressing two rallies in Pethkuut and Najan in Beerwah “NC is aware of these nefarious design and will not let them succeed in this and we all Kashmiris need to wake up” he added

“Their plan is to weaken the State, economically and politically”, said Sadiq adding “PDP will go to any extent to remain in power, For the sake of power, PDP has facilitated BJP in thrusting RSS ideology on the people of Jammu and Kashmir,”

“Most of the problems in Kashmir stem from the alliance of PDP with the BJP, as the people have not reconciled with this scenario, PDP fought elections against the BJP making inroads in the Valley,” he said “The fact that the unrest is mostly south Kashmir- specific is testimony to the anger of the people,” Tanvir said and asked how can a party align with Sangh Parivar after having raised a tirade and anti-BJP pitch across the Valley.

Lashing out at PDP-BJP Government Tanvir said that mis-governance had become the USP of Mehbooba Mufti’s Government apart from the killing and blinding our youth and unprecedented repression.

He hit out at the PDP led government for pushing the youth to the wall and not addressing their concerns “People are being suppressed, arrested and intimidated for their cheap political gains” adding “Indiscriminate arrests and intimidation of innocent civilians has become the order of the day across the Valley” said Tanvir

“There isn’t a single pre-election promise that PDP and Mehbooba Mufti haven’t ended up breaking. What happened to the return of power projects? To the revocation of AFSPA? And to the ‘battle of ideas’?

Appreciating activists for attending the conventions in such large numbders he said Omar Sahab’s efforts to see Beerwah develop into a model constituency is a dream that is being fulfilled steadily and swiftly adding “7 Crore has been utilized from CDF, and with his effort the biggest demand of the people of Beerwah to get the Magam- Beerwah- Budgam road executed had been met”

“Omar Sahab promised you here in Beerwah that if you elect him he will make sure that within one year the Beerwah Magam Road will be taken up, and today 36 crore have been sanctioned and you see that he has fulfilled his promise” he said amidst huge applause of workers there.

PDP has become a laughing stock Tanvir said, “PDP has become so frustrated with the success of Omar Abdullah in Beerwah that they are getting anyone into their fold’, “this turn coat who has joined them has not left any party and has a USP that wherever he goes that party is decimated. He was in PDP they lost, he went to Congress, they lost, he contested independent he lost, he now again joined PDP now you should know the fate of PDP”, Tanvir said.

PDP’s frustration will only grow bigger “Because Omar Sahab is for Beerwah and Beerwah is for Omar Sahab and no one can separate one from the other” Tanvir added “This constituency is on the path of great development and will be one the best constituencies in the State, as is being shown by the pace of developmental works here.

NC leader Professor Abdul Majid Mattu, Youth leaders Mohd Ashraf, Tanveer Mir,  and many others addressed the gathering.


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