PDP plays ‘filthy, deceitful and sorrowful’ role: Geelani, condemns fresh crackdown



Expressing his strong reaction and concern over the fresh crackdown on youth and nocturnal raids by police in entire Kashmir especially in Karim Abad Pulwama, Tral, Hajin, Handwara, and subjecting detained youth to “third degree torture in police stations”, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani termed the rhetoric about “Goli Nahi Boli” as “hoax, saying PDP stand badly exposed on the ground and added they can’t befool people anymore now”.

File image of Syed Ali Geelani

Strongly condemning the “police actions and use of excessive and unjustified force in Kareem Abad Pulwama, Geelani “cautioned the state administration that if the arrests and harassing of youths will not stop forthwith, it will have serious repercussion and all its responsibility will be on the shoulders of PDP and the state police”.

Geelani said, “people all over the world protest against excesses and for their judicious demands which is their democratic right but the Jammu & Kashmir is the only exception to this rule where the peaceful protesters are welcomed and showered with bullets, pallets and other deadly weapons and the so-called civilian government instead of objecting this, overtly and covertly encourage this autocratic behaviour of the forces.”

He said, “by chocking the peaceful means of protest and denying democratic and basic rights of the Kashmiri people, Indian authorities are negating their own claims of being the so-called biggest democracy in the world.”

Terming the role of PDP as “filthy, deceitful and sorrowful”, Geelani in his statement said, “these people collected votes on ‘Goli Nahi Boli’, ‘release of political prisoners’, ‘return of power projects’ and against RSS and their fanatical dogma and slogans but later instead betrayed the people and did absolutely contrary to all that what they had promised during their election campaign. “They are power hungry people and for that purpose, they can go to any extent” added Geelani.

“Strongly condemning the use of excessive and brutal force against the people protesting against the arrest of youth in Pulwama and Handwara” Geelani said, “the police are themselves worsening the situations in the state and they will be responsible for the consequences of their atrocities.”

“He also condemned the arrest of five youth including Baber Ahmad, Zahoor Ahmad, Raffia Abdullah, Zubair ul Islam, Meraj u Din and unabated use of teargas shelling and deadly pallet guns in Karim Abad Pulwama, which has injured dozens of youths and students there and some of them have got critical injuries,” the statement said.

“Hurriyat chairman also condemned the ransacking and vandalising of properties, saying that police and forces during night raids even thrashed elderly inmates.


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