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Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday accused Omar Abdullah of creating pressure tactics for PDP and playing the mind games.

Talking to KNS, PDP chief spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said that when Omar Abdullah failed to pressurize PDP by resigning as the care taker chief minister.

“NC is power hungry party.  The people have voted for change and against national conference. I can tell you that governor rule is better than the alliance of PDP and national conference. We could have considered this option but the clear picture is that people have voted against the national conference and it has been the worst regime even in the state of Jammu and Kashmir when youth were killed in 2010 and Shopian rape was witnessed. It was the Haji Yousuf’s killing, cricket scandals and what not. People are celebrating that Omar Abdullah is gone.”

Akhar said that the informal channels for the BJP-PDP government formation have been going on and doors for the talks with Congress are also open.

“It is ironical that the party that has been rejected by the people of the state are eager than others to be the part of the government. The present actions of Omar Abdullah are nothing but the pressure tactics to compel PDP to take wrong step. We take the right decision and right time.”



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