PDP responsible for bloodshed in Kashmir: G A Mir


Leading a mega roadshow in Devsar area in District Kulgam today, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President and Party Candidate G A Mir stated that it was highly inevitable to defeat PDP in the ensuing Parliamentary elections for their acts of betrayal attempts of playing with the emotions of people for the sake of power.

Mir also said that South Kashmir has suffered immensely on all fronts due to the sellout by PDP, emphasizing people not to believe PDP again and defeat it’s falsehood and treachery.

Pradesh Congress Committee organized a mega road show in Devsar area of Kulgam District which passed through several areas, the roadshow was led by G A Mir who made a passionate appeal to masses to give him a chance to serve people of south Kashmir, as that, the South Kashmir has experienced worst due to the complete sell out by PDP for the sake of power.

Mir was accompanied by PCC Vice President Haji Abdul Rashid Dar, Mohd Amin Bhat, Bashir Ahmad Magrey, Surinder Singh Channni, Vinod Koul, Farooq Ahmad Bhat, Abdul Rashid Lone and various other Party leaders.

Addressing people at various places during the road show, Mir told the people that it is essential to defeating the politics of opportunism and exploitation on the part of PDP, as this opportunist Party is fully responsible for the loss of innocent lives, bloodshed, damages caused to peace and development in the State.

“PDP cannot escape the responsibility of loss of innocent people in South Kashmir. There was anger among the people due to the betrayal by PDP leading to the loss of innocent people,” Mir said.

“People of south Kashmir gave majority of seats to PDP from south Kashmir during 2014 elections with the firm belief that this Party  would ensure protection to special status of the state besides ensuring dignity, security and development of people as was promised by them, but  the mandate was given has not gone well with this opportunist Party, their tall claims and slogans proved hoax, which were based on falsehood and political  exploitation,” G A Mir said.

He told the people BJP will face the defeat miserably because people of the country have decided to vote against the saffron party for deceiving them on development and employment front, besides failing them on all fronts after securing votes resulting in there was complete chaos and restlessness among the people.

“Your vote would elect a new Prime Minister of the country, I appeal you to come out and cast your vote in favour of the Congress Party in larger numbers, for the fact Congress Party stands guarantee to dignity and security  of the people, besides protection to Art 370, 35A of the constitution of India,  you need to understand that BJP has declared in its poll manifesto that it would scrap article 370 after coming back to power, so it would be your  and our responsibility to defeat the designs of BJP RSS, jointly,”G A Mir told the people.

“It is our ultimate goal to ensure the overall development of the State, employment to educated unemployed youth, besides safety and security to people,” G A Mir added.

He said Congress Party is capable enough to deal with forces inimical to the atmosphere of unity, harmony and peace, he cautioned the people about the political gimmicks on the part of PDP BJP, who can go to an extent to woo the voters again by playing emotional cards as they have done in past.

Among others who participated in roadshow included Block Presidents of Kulgam, PCC, DCC members Youth President, Youth Leaders and other prominent workers of Devsar.


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