‘PDP Strong to Articulate Issues with its Coalition Partner’



Lashing out at Congress for its remarks over AFSPA, PDP Saturday said that PDP was the “political crusader” in “restoring a peaceful and conducive atmosphere” in J&K and difference of opinion with its coalition partner will not hinder the peace process which involves revisiting need of AFSPA in the Valley.

“PDP is strong enough to articulate the concerns of AFSPA with the coalition partners and restore peace and normalcy in the state,” PDP General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir said in a party staytement this afternoon.

Mir said, “a trust deficit between the people and the state institutions needs to be addressed and AFSPA is foundational of trust this building measure.”

Reminding the opposition that previous coalition was “suffering from policy paralysis” where in “not even a single people friendly policy decision took place”, Mir, the statement said, “expressed deep dismay over the approach of NC and Congress towards sentiments of the people when it repeatedly failed for 6 years to adopt any resolution over burning issues of J&K which were raised by PDP members.” “This non serious approach of political parties has taken toll on the aspiration of a common man and it was the duty of all mainstream parties to work consciously towards securing the interests of people without any political gimmicks.”

He further added that PDP’s stand on AFSPA is “clear and the party will proceed veraciously in this regard.”


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