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National Conference Saturday while taking strong notice of the “spate of backdoor appointments of undeserving candidates in various departments”, lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for “sidelining” accountability and transparency in the recruitment process.

“In the recent such incident of favoritism and nepotism towards in party workers and kith and kin of its leaders, PDP had violated all rules and regulations of recruitment in the process of hiring hundreds of applicants to posts in Tourism Police,” NC Spokesperson said in a statement this evening.

“These posts were neither advertised, nor was the due established process of recruitment for such drives followed. This brazen injustice with thousands of unemployed youth is extremely condemnable and reeks of PDP’s inherent penchant to destroy the credibility of public institutions as a mode of its partisan, retributive politics. The message from PDP to the unemployed youth of the State is loud and clear – the PDP-BJP Government will work for the kith and kin of their leaders and for their party workers and will ignore the rights of those unemployed youth who are not affiliated to the party,” the statement said.

The NC Spokesperson said the Government rather than ensuring that all recruitment drives happen in a transparent manner has “sidelined” all established regulations that are in place to ensure fairness and justice with the unemployed aspirants. “The height of this Government’s anti-youth approach is that not only has it tried to flout all checks and balances of recruitment at the policy level – but once that sinister move couldn’t succeed – both PDP and BJP are hell bent on adjusting their workers in politicized, unfair special drives such as this one in the Tourism Police,” the statement alleged said.

“We condemn this PDP-BJP workers’ recruitment drive and are certain that these isolated recruitments cannot stand judicial scrutiny. National Conference will strongly oppose the politicization of recruitment processes and we won’t allow this dispensation to toy with the future of our youth in such a brazen manner. If the PDP-BJP Government continues with appointing its workers and the kith and kin of its legislators in violation of all regulations, National Conference is ready to explore all options to not only safeguard the credibility of our public institutions but to protect the rights of thousands of our unemployed youth”, the statement further said.


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