Alleging that New Delhi has always “promoted” corruption as a means of “political concession” to ‘tighten their grip’ on Kashmir and ‘weaken the struggle’ with the aid of this particular weapon, Hurriyat (m) chief Saturday said that on one hand Kashmiris were economically ‘exploited and their political aspirations suppressed’ by means of force, on the other, the evil of corruption was “being utilized by New Delhi in Kashmir like funding of hundreds of government favorite NGOs, so called Social welfare organizations and hundreds of the namesake Madrassas”.

“Corrupt practices were employed in other spheres as well which are solely aimed to weaken the freedom movement and paralyze Kashmir economically so that they would always carry a begging bowl looking towards New Delhi,” an amlgam statement said this evevning. “The recently exposed scandals at the state level like in BOPEE, Medicine Scam, and Pulwama Land Scandal, Fake drugs etc  are few incidents where corrupts practices were deliberately promoted.”

Mirwaiz said that unfortunately corruption has attained a status of “social acceptability and nobody fears” when he/she indulges in such activity, be a government employee or a businessman.

“The menace of corruption could be rooted out only if there is well planned strategy and determination to do so,” he said, “prosecuting few people in this regard would hardly bear any result.”

Mirwaiz urged upon the people to stand against corruption as Holy month of Ramadan provides us the perfect opportunity to rise against this social menace.


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