PDP takes lion’s share, 11 out of 17 cabinet ministers: 05 district lack representation

Tasavur Mushtaq


GROUP COUNCIL MINISTERS - CopyAfter more than two months of uncertainty, the wait of government formation in Jammu and Kashmir is over.

With Muhammad Mufti Sayeed taking oath of office as twelfth chief minister, the tally of ministers in newly placed government seems to be tilted in PDP’s way.

In total of sixteen cabinet ministers, PDP has taken lion’s share of eleven including  Chief Minister. PDP cabinet ministers are Ab Rahman Veri, Javed Mustafa Mir, Ab Haq Khan, Syed Basharat Bukhari, Chaudhary Zulfikar Ali, Dr Haseeb Drabu, Ghulam Nabi Lone, Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Imran Ansari and Naeem Akhtar.

While as BJP has only six cabinet ministers which include Dr Nirmal Singh, Chandar Prakash, Lal Singh, Bali Baghat, Sukhnandan Kumar and Sajad Gani Lone.

Among the eight Ministers of State(MoS), PDP has three; Ab Majid Paddar, Mohammad Ashraf Mir and Aasia Naqash, while BJP has made five in this category; Sheiling Dhorje, Sunil Kumar Sharma, Ab Gani Kohli, Priya Sethi and Pawan Kumar Gupta.

Analyzing the representation of areas in the government, it seems that few areas are left out.

South Kashmir’s district Islamabad has two cabinet ministers including Chief Ministers Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and Abdul Rehman Veeri. Pulwama has Dr Haseeb Drabu, while nearby Kulgam has got MoS, Abdul Majeed Paddar.

Srinagar, which gave five seats to PDP has got three ministers; one cabinet ministers (Muhammad Altaf Bukhari ) and two MoS ( Muhammad Ashraf Mir and Asiya Naqash).

In North Kashmir, Kupwara has got two cabinet ministers, Sajjad Ghani Lone and Abdul Haq Khan. While as district Baramulla has two  cabinet Syed Basharat Bukhari and Imran Ansari

Central Kashmir’s district Budgam has got two cabinet ministers, Ghulam Nabi Lone and Javid Mustafa Mir. Another district of Central Kashmir, Ganderbal has no representation. While as from nearby Bandipora, there is PDP’s chief spokesman Naeem Akhtar as cabinet minister.

From Jammu’s Poonch, there is cabinet minister Chaudhary Zuklfikar Ali and MoS Abdul Gani Kohli

As Sheiling Dhorje represents Leh, Kargil has no representation.

In Jammu’s Udhampur, there is Dr Nirmal Singh (Cabinet Minister) and MoS Pawan Kumar Gupta.

Chandar Prakash, cabinet minister represents Vijaypur. Former Congress and now BJP man Lal Singh (cabinet minister) will represent Kathua. Bali Baghat (cabinet minister) will represent Jammu West.

Sukhnandan Kumar (cabinet minister) will represent Marh area of Jammu. Kishtwar has got one MoS Sunil Kumar Sharma. Priya Sethi is nominated member to the house.










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