‘PDP to Achieve Clear Majority’


KL Report
Expressing confidence about winning the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections by a clear majority, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday asserted that the party won’t require any alliance to form the government in the state.
“We feel that we will win by clear majority because the exit polls only give idea of the trend but numbers generally differ. We don’t need any alliance. However, we need everyone’s support to run the state and deal with the issues, especially from the BJP because they are at power at national level and in state also they are coming up strong. We will need Congress’ support also. We need everyone’s support to run the government but not to form one,” said Akhtar.
He added that exit polls were credible in showing the trends but they don’t have exact numbers.
Counting of votes for the five-phased assembly elections in the states of Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand will begin on Tuesday.

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  1. whichever party comes to power to rule the slaves, just do one thing; keep the congress miles away from govt. dont tke congress support. kick them out. they hv been clipping article 370 in instslments since its inception. clip their wings and throw them into the dustbin of history with their arrogance.


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