PDP urges Govt to ensure uninterrupted power, supply of essentials in Ramadan


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri on Sunday urged the governor administration to make all adequate arrangements including uninterrupted power and water supplies for the ensuing holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement, Veeri also underlined the need for the constitution of special market checking squads to keep the check on profiteering, hoarding and black-marketing and also asked the government to ensure strict implementation of government approved rate list besides the hassle-free home delivery of gas supply to the consumers.

Veeeri further demanded that the district level authorities across the state must ensure availability of essential commodities in the market including vegetables and poultry besides timely supply of Gas, Kerosene, Flour and Sugar from the government depots to the consumers.

The PDP Vice President further stressed on the uninterrupted power and water supply across the state, and asked PDD and PHE to direct their ground level staff to ensure that there are hassle-free water and electricity supply to the consumers during the holy month of Ramadan.


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