PDP urges Govt to help farmers affected by recent hailstorm


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Ghulam Nahi Lone Hanjura on Saturday expressed serious concern over the wide-scale loss caused to orchards during the recent hailstorm in central Kashmir.

Hanjura in a statement said that the loss caused to horticulturists is massive and that the governor administration must access the losses and mitigate the affected people.

On June 21, a strong hailstorm wreaked havoc in scores of Kashmir districts, resulting in damage to apple and vegetable crops.

The hailstorm was witnessed in Rajpora, Abhama, Bagh Sangerwani, Drakladan, Achgoza, and Drabgam areas of the Pulwama district, resulting in damage to crops and vegetables. However, the assessment of the total damage was not known immediately. Besides this, dozens of vehicles were also damaged after a number of trees were uprooted by strong winds and heavy rains in the district.

In central Kashmir’s Char-e-Sharief, where massive damage was witnessed include PakharPora, Dalvan, FatliPora, ChariPora, Mohan Pura, KarPora, ShankarPora, ZaniPanchal, Kanidajan, Lolipora and several other areas were also affected.

He urged the government to take on priority the assistance that needs to given to the farmers who have been bearing the brunt of hailstorms and unseasonal rainfall in Kashmir.


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