PDP used people as sacrificial goats for power: Omar



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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Saturday said that PDP and Mufti’s used the people who had voted for them as a sacrificial goat for securing power.

NC Vice President Omar Abdullah addressing an election rally at Devsar Kulgam.

Addressing a public meet in Kund valley, Devsar, party vice president said, “Anyone holding a public post whether a governor or a chief minister in our state has to take oath on the state constitution. However anti-state forces are not able to digest that realism. This has become scorn in the eyes of those forces as have revived their vows to destroy the special constitutional position of our state in their manifesto. However they fail to understand that the erstwhile Dogra ruler Hari Singh didn’t merge with the union, he had only acceded with the dominion of India on three subjects. While as the rest of princely state’s subsequently merged with the union, the state of Jammu and Kashmir chose not to sign the merger papers. Our leadership had long drawn discussions with the GOI; the outcome of the negotiations came forth in the shape of the Delhi Agreement. Our state under the indisputable leadership of Sher- e- Kashmir was able to secure itself a state flag and a special status within the union of India,” adding, “today we see forces as are hell-bent to destroy the state’s special position contrive hard to do away with the constitutional provisions of Art 370, Art 35-A that confer special status to our state. The fact remains that Maharaja would not have signed Instrument of Accession had New Delhi not taken an undertaking to protect the individual character of the state. Those who are questioning the vitality of Art 370, Art 35-A, are unwaveringly questioning the rudiments of the accession of the state with the union of India. Any assault on the special status of our sate will without a doubt cast a shadow on the fundamentals of accession.”

Omar while underscoring the need of sending a credible and strong voice to Lok Sabha said, “The ensuing elections provide us an opportunity to send a person to parliament who could debate on the issues pertaining to our state, the one who could fight for our unique identity and special status within the union. Keeping in view the challenges our state is facing we chose to field retired Justice Hasnain Masoodi from the Anantnag Parliamentary seat. He has the necessary political acumen, to fight for our state. A legal luminary, Masoodi sahib is the most suitable person to represent us in the parliament.”

Omar said that the others who are in the fray of Anantnag parliamentary election lack on all fronts to take on the challenges the state is facing. “On one side we have a Congress candidate, who if elected to parliament cannot take on the forces as aggressively as Masoodi Sahib Can. The Congress candidate would obviously be bound by the party’s dictate. Moreover, much of the state’s special status was obliterated by the Congress party, and what was left was subsequently surrendered by PDP before BJP for the lust of power. We have Mehbooba Ji in the fray as well, whose political slyness and bankruptcy is known to all. How can she raise voice for the state in parliament when she couldn’t do that in 2008 when the sate was in flames because of Amarnath Land agitation? At that time we remember her saying ‘Kya bolu yaar’. What purpose will it serve us to send her?  She is the one who bolted her mouth when Kashmiris were facing torments in 2016, 2017.  We didn’t see her raise voice for the suffering masses of Kashmir, in particular, the people of south Kashmir. During that time we only saw her mocking the miseries of people with her crude and unkind ‘milk and toffee’ remarks. People remember how she had barefacedly said that the guns of the forces are not for display but action. So, at this moment the people have to make the correct judgment to choose from the three contestants. Here we have Masoodi Sahib whose pronounced judgments on Art 370 are known to all. Masoodi sahib, has no personal axe to grind, he will work both inside and outside parliament for the safeguard of our special status,” adding, “Mehbooba’s own brother didn’t cast his ballot in her favor, how can a common Kashmir repose his faith in her when her own brother didn’t.”

While hitting at PDP for unleashing unremitting torments on the people he said, “I have never seen my people as helpless in my entire stint in politics as I get to see them. People are privy to the five years of plunder, destruction, exploitation nepotism and repression. PDP and Mufti’s used the people who had voted for them as a sacrificial goat for securing power. Muftis and PDP berated and betrayed the mandate of people in order to ascend the altar of power. Her shedding of crocodile tears cannot help her wash her hands of the miseries she unleashed on people through worst repression; implementation of GST, NFSA, SARFAESI, and by opening the flood gates of state for BJP and its cronies. She does not stand any chance, had she shed these tears in 2016, 2017, it would have made an impact. Today people see her shedding tears on the miseries of people, all of which are a consequence of her own follies.”

Among others provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani, senior leader Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Ghulam Ahmad Shah, Altaf Kaloo, Peer Muhammad Hussain, party treasurer Shammi Oberoi, political advisor to vice president  Tanvir Sadiq, Dr Sameer Koul, Sajad Shaheen and Salam Ud Din Bajad also addressed the people and sought support for party’s parliamentary candidate for  Anantnag.


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