PDP’s complete rout imminent, a foregone conclusion: Tariq Karra


National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday filed his nomination papers for the Srinagar-Budgam-Ganderbal Parliamentary by-election in Srinagar. Dr Farooq Abdullah was accompanied by Senior Leaders of National Conference and Congress to the DC Office in Srinagar including National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah, PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir, Senior Congress Leader and Former Member of Parliament, Tariq Hameed Karra were present on the occasion. Following the filing of nomination papers, Dr Farooq Abdullah accompanied by Senior Leaders of both parties addressed a rousing convention of workers and supporters at National Conference Head Office in Srinagar.

“The fire of communalism and polarization that is being fanned and is spreading across the length and breadth of this country needs to be stopped before it engulfs our values and robs us of our rights, our sense of dignity and our special constitutional status. Unity against these forces is the need of the hour and this is an opportunity to come together and rise over all our differences to stand in defense of our dignity and our respect. National Conference and Congress decided to fight these elections together with the sole intention of ensuring the comprehensive defeat of the politics of communalism, polarization and divisiveness. Our success in this battle of principles depends on our ability to forge unity among our ranks in the pursuit of this common objective”, Dr Farooq Abdullah said while addressing the convention in Srinagar after filing the nomination papers.

The National Conference President said there should be no doubt in the minds of the people that PDP is now almost officially an affiliate of RSS and any remaining doubts were cleared by the open campaigning and support being offered by the BJP to the two candidates being fielded by PDP. “We have always maintained that PDP is a proxy subsidiary of the RSS and today all these statements and warnings have proven to be true. PDP has left no stone unturned to further the greater political agenda of the RSS and BJP’s participation in PDP’s election campaign today goes to prove the finality of this association. People are duty bound to consider the ramifications of any callousness in these elections as it is their duty to the people to eradicate this menace from our State”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah added.

Appealing for resumption of dialogue between India and Pakistan, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said there was no alternative to talks between the two neighbours with a sincere intention to resolve all outstanding political issues and differences including the issue of Kashmir. “It is the responsibility of both India and Pakistan to rescue Kashmiris from a never-ending cycle of fear, pain and misery. The people of Kashmir cannot be taken for granted anymore. Hostility and lack of dialogue between India and Pakistan is not an acceptable alternative”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah further said.

Speaking on the occasion, PCC Chief and candidate for the Islamabad Parliamentary Seat, Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Mir said both parties had come together to defeat the RSS and the BJP and were committed to fighting against communalism and tyranny. “We will protect the State from the onslaught of those entities and forces who are hell-bent on setting this country on fire. This coming together of National Conference and Congress is not for power or out of the lure of the perks of power but a sincere effort to stop the march of communalism and bigotry from entering Kashmir”, the PCC Chief said in his address.

Addressing the meeting, Senior Congress Leader Tariq Hameed Karra said he had always maintained that allying with BJP was treacherous and would have far reaching adverse implications for the State and its people. “I always opposed this alliance and advised Late Mufti Sahab and the party leadership to instead of aligning with BJP, the party should have come together with secular forces to protect the interests of the State. Unfortunately, PDP chose to remain associated in this political alliance with the BJP – something my conscience did not accept. It saddens me that some of my former colleagues chose to remain associated with the politics of communalism and polarization because of the lure of power”, Tariq Hameed Karra said.

“RSS and BJP are not only anti-Muslim and anti-minority in general but have always harboured an ambition to destroy J&K’s special status, its political identity and its social ethos of brotherhood and amity. By aligning with the BJP and the RSS, PDP has lost the faith of the people who voted for it and its leaders have bartered that sacred mandate to remain in power. BJP is the same political party that has elected one of the country’s most divisive, anti-Muslim faces as the Chief Minister of India’s most populous State. This is proof enough of their intentions and their politics but unfortunately PDP remains attached to the symbols and insignias of power”, Tariq Hameed Karra said while addressing the gathering.

Tariq Hameed Karra said PDP’s complete rout from the political landscape of the State was now imminent and a foregone conclusion.

Senior Party Leaders, Former Ministers, Legislators and office bearers of National Conference and Congress also attended the function and addressed the gathering.


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