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Exhorting youth to lead the movement for change in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014, patron of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday assured that PDP would formulate a comprehensive youth policy in the state to address grievances of the younger generation.

Addressing a function after formally announcing formation of Peoples Democratic Students Union (PDSU)-students’ wing of PDP, Mufti assured that aspirations and concerns of youth would be adequately accommodated by the PDP in its pro-people agenda. “PDP is the only party which had formulated a youth police and party would continue to accommodate wishes and aspirations all youth in its programmes and policies in future also”, he assured and exhorted younger generation to become part of movement for change in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Youth have to play a crucial role in shaping up politically emancipated and economically vibrant future for Jammu and Kashmir”, he said and added that PDP is committed to establish a new system of justice and equality in the State.

Reminding that gathering PDP, during its tenure, had institutionalized recruitment process to ensure that only deserving and meritorious candidates would get jobs, he  regretted that present regime has bulldozed such institutions to encourage backdoor appointments.

“It is unfortunate that backdoor appointment has again started in the state”, he observed and called upon party workers to mobilize the youth of the state against such wrong policies of the coalition regime. “This regime has failed to bring transparency and accountability in the governance”, he remarked.

He reminded that during the previous PDP led regime as many as 80,000 youth were given government jobs with full transparency and only genuine and deserving youth were provided employment. “Not even a single case of corruption, nepotism and favoritism came to our notice during these recruitments”, he said.

Dubbing present dispensation headed by National Conference as non performing liability, Mr Sayeed exhorted youth of the state to vociferously oppose anti-people policies being propagated by this regime. He said that state has been plunged into unprecedented crises due to the mis-goverance of the present regime and youth were the worst victim of the wrong policies of the government.

Calling upon the youth to come on streets to peacefully oppose wrong policies of the government, he asked the youth, “You have to shoulder the responsibility of highlighting problems of the people”.

“In its tenure five years this regime has exposed because it has failed to fulfil all promises made with the people during the last assembly elections”, he said and pointed out that the much publicized employment policy of this regime was ultimately turned out to be cruel joke with the educated unemployed youth of the State.

“Where is that policy which was announced with much publicity a couple of years back?”,he asked, adding “the policy announced by the government was merely an eyewash and cruel joke with the unemployed youth of the state”.

“During the last five years not even a single step has been taken to solve problem of unemployment in the state”, he regretted and added that except promises nothing has been done to create job avenues for the educated unemployed youth.

Calling upon the youth to spread message of the party in the state, he said that PDP was as a vehicle for socio economic transformation of the state rather than a mere power player. He said it was an acknowledgement of the credibility of party agenda that people from all walks of life were joining it even though it was presently in opposition.



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