CCA accuses Govt of killing private tuition industry too

KL Report


Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir Thursday accused the government of trying to ‘sabotage’ the coaching industry of Kashmir by employing anti student policies.

The association termed the current situation on valley as ‘Dark Times’ for students who, according to the association, after being deceived by the  government sector under BOPEE and Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS), are now being denied of quality education in private sector too.

“There are some officials in the government who seem to be hell bent in destroying the massive coaching industry of Kashmir,” said G N Var Chairman CCA. He further stated that the coaching centres in Kashmir are being raided to pay 10 % sales tax, in addition of providing free coaching to 10 % of those students who belong to poor category.

The association further mentioned that this kind of law is nowhere being implemented  in India, except Kashmir. “The authorities are creating a dangerous situation as it will considerably increase the cost of tuition in valley,” said Var. “We are ready to provide free education to deserving students, but the addition of taxes will amount to squeeze out the last remaining profit.”

Var said that there are around 550 coaching centres in valley  that provides quality education to around 50,000 students. “This new policy has put the future of the majority of these 50,000 students at risk,” said Var. “Most of them belong to middle class who are stretched to their limits in financial terms and any cost escalation will hit them hard.”

The Association also condemned the government for failing to streamline the vital sector by providing the promised formal registration. “We were given provisional registration till April 2013, with the promise of full registration after that.”


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