Pellet victims want shotgun ban


by Faisal Ahmed

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Pellet Victims including a 20-month-old Hiba, under the banner of pellet victim’s welfare trust (PVWT) on Monday, protested against the continuous usage of pellet guns by forces and demanded the immediate ban, at press colony.

Pellet Victims on Monday staged a protest demonstration in Srinagar demanding a ban on the use of pellet guns in Kashmir on Monday, May 20, 2019. Kl Image by Bilal Bahadur

PVWT addressing the media, while seeking an immediate ban of pellet shotguns said that the continuous use of pellet guns will only render more youth blind, and so far, at least 230 fresh pellet-shot gun-related injuries were recorded in 2018.

Further stating their plea, Pellet shotguns in Jammu and Kashmir is snatching not only the eye-sight of youth but is also impacting their livelihood, as hundreds of youth who have been rendered without vision in their eye-sight are struggling to make their ends meet.

Ejaz, who lost vision of one eye due to pellets in conversation with KL expressing the grief, said “I used to be a telecom operator, but in December 2017, pellets hit my eyes thus leaving me partially blind. I had to quit the job as I was not able to work effectively which lead to psychiatric disorder also”.

While the use of pellet guns continues unabated in Kashmir, with the addition of more youth without eyesight every year, the victims are in dire need of support to meet the cost of their surgeries and psychological well being. The PVWT appealed to the common citizens of Kashmir to come in support of pellet victims and contribute towards their medical needs.


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