SRINAGAR: Manoj Sinha has said that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir’s resolve for people-centric growth hinges on a pragmatic imagination, perseverance and confidence.

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Sinha made these remarks in an article published in a Delhi based newspaper.

He said that governance has managed to reverse the trend of the past seven decades by pushing targets for economic growth and employment alongside the exponential augmentation in infrastructure. He discussed the ‘growth’ in business sector and said that the UT of Jammu and Kashmir was able to clock Rs 45000 crore worth of investment proposals from various industries.

“The first-ever real estate summit brought 39 MoUs worth Rs 18,300 crore.” he said.

Sinha said that their aim is to build an industrial base for the economy and strengthen local enterprises and social stability. He said that completion of 21,943 projects in last year was “an unparalleled feat in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Saying that J&K is on a mission to renovate, reinvent and take a quantum leap from being a de-industrialized region to one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, he said that fulfilling aspirations and needs is not a favor to citizens.

Sinha said governance in Jammu and Kashmir in the past existed for a privileged few. He called openness and transparency as key principles of good governance adding, people should have access to all the information regarding development projects and 100 per cent open bidding of work must be mandatory to enable transparency in the system.

Talking about the implementation of the Forest Rights Act, he said, “The historical step that has been taken to empower scheduled Tribes by implementing the Forest Rights Act which was earlier denied to them.” He also added that a large number of communities who were earlier barred from owning agricultural land have now been permitted to buy and claim a title.

Sinha also talked about the launch of Kashmir Migrant Portal to return the immovable assets to “rightful owners” who were forced to flee in 1990’s.

“The J&K administration is determined to deliver justice to all,” he said. “It has enabled a large number of people to register complaints about distress sales, encroachment or other grievances regarding property.”

He said that UT has to de-hyphenate itself from “certain legacies” and warned of a firm response against “violence and subversion”.

Sinha also talked about the ‘transformation’ in the healthcare sector, while saying that “Jammu and Kashmir is a role model for managing global pandemics”. While talking about the harm inflicted on humans by the pandemic, Sinha acknowledged the resilience of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which he said helped the government to bounce back.




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