People have reposed their faith in NC to safe guard interests of the state: Sagar


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday asserted that it was fighting on every front for the protection of the unique constitutional identity of the state, saying the party is striving tirelessly day in and day out for the safeguard of Art 370, Art 35-A.

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NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar, KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar while addressing a meet of party workers, functionaries at party head quarters Nawa e Subha said that the party was alive to the challenges the state is facing in wake of unbridled onslaughts on its unique identity. “The party is tirelessly working on every front for safeguarding the special constitutional position of the state. Our members of parliament have already called attention motion in parliament in this regard. Moreover, the party leadership has already sought an audience with the Prime Minister of the country. Our party is leaving no stone turned to fight for the interests of the state both inside and outside parliament,” he said.

Sagar while addressing the workers said the Prime Minister belongs to the whole country and not just to one party. “We have sought an audience with the Prime Minister, we will bring to his notice soaring anxiety of the people in wake of the incessant rumour mongering on the removal of Art 370, Art 35-A.  We have maintained that any such misadventure will have far-reaching constitutional and legal ramifications. We have been maintaining that the issue of J&K is political in nature and it can be resolved by means of dialogue only,” he said.

Sagar said the party’s vision of protecting the state’s unique identity has also been attested to by the people during the parliament elections. “People have reposed their faith in us to safeguard the interests of the state. Despite the negative malicious propaganda by our detractors, the people of the state considerately entrusted with the mission of protecting the state’s interests,” he said.

Party general secretary said the party’s president has earnestly tried to evolve a consensus on issues confronting the state. “Last time the party president had called an all-party meet to evolve a consensus on issues concerning the state. Regrettably, Mehbooba Ji didn’t show up in the meeting. Our party is painstakingly trying to evolve a consensus. The party president has been calling for forging unity in the state at all public meets. He is vociferously working towards bringing people from different political cross-sections on the same page. And as far the Art 370, Art 35-A are concerned, we are working on both defensive and offensive fronts within the ambit of constitution. Our party does not believe in bloodshed. We have always sought a resolution of issues through time-bound and meaning dialogue. We will continue to strive for it,” he said adding, “However the party resolutely believes that restoration of Pre 1953 status will go a long way towards removing the cobwebs of mistrust between New Delhi and the State. Dr Sahib is no novice to the political landscape of the country and the state. He will do whatever is in the greater good of the state.”

Among others party’s senior leader Abdul Rahim Rathar, Aga Syed Mahmood, Javaid Dar, Qafil ul Rahman, Showkat Ahmad Mir, Muhammad Syed Akhoon, Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi, Imran Nabi Dar , Salam Ud Din Bajad were also present.

Meanwhile party’s central zone president Ali Muhammad Dar has rejected the remarks of Ghulam Nabi Hanjoora as a sheer figment of the imagination. He said that the uncouth remarks of the PDP functionary show how uneducated he is on the political history of Kashmir. “The assertions of Hanjura are unsubstantiated.  PDP has tumbled down under the weight of its own deceit and treachery. The party has been rejected by the people. In the recently concluded parliament elections, PDP stood third in one constituency, fourth in the other.  Today PDP stands routed. Now it is using the tactics of passing the blame to absolve its leadership from the role they played in destroying state autonomy during Sadiq Era. People have lately understood their real denomination. The veneer of PDP has fallen down.”



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