People unhappy over the Makhdoom Sahib (RA) ropeway

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As the cable car for the Makhdoom Sahib (RA) shrine in the old city here was inaugurated by the authorities Monday, the initiative has drawn flak from people due to the ‘exorbitant’ tariff for its ride.

Reports reaching Kashmir News Service maintained that a ticket for the cable car per person has been fixed as Rs. 100 and that the people while expressing resentment over the rates, termed the project a ‘cruel joke’ for the poor.

“We fail to understand why this project is being given this much of hype that in actual is not meant for the commoners. How could a poor person who wants to pay obeisance can afford this much of tariff?” said Bilal Ahmad a local resident.

The people also accused that the authorities have given hype to the project much than what was needed and that the cable car in actual is not meant for the common masses.

Muner Zahoor, a resident of old city mentioned that the project is of the corporate nature and the establishment of the same was only meant to earn money and not  to provide any help for the people who want to visit the shrine. “It was expected that the government is making this project for the convenience of common people but at the end, it turns out to be a hoax.”

Noted poet and Chairman Valley Citizen’s council Zareef Ahmad Zareef  while commenting over the ropeway said that the government here has never paid any heed to the convenience of common people  but has always focussed on the tourists. He further stated that the ropeway project in no way could be termed as the symbol of progress, but it will always remain as the mockery of the same. “People here are involved in many ailments and they find it difficult to use stairs for visiting the shrine . The government could have subsidized the rates for the locals but it never takes any pro-people move.”

“How could the project attract the tourists when the surroundings of the ropeway give a shabby look? There are hundreds of illegal constructions under the ropeway, the tourist cannot shoot that ugly picture,” said Zareef while adding that the project has disheartened the people here.

Khalid Syed, a student said that the government could have subsidised the rates for the common people so that they could easily reach to the shrine but the rate of the per person ticket as Rs 100 is illogical and unacceptable. ”The government must stop eulogizing their achievements as the basic aim of the project is to earn money and not the service of the people.”

“We must understand that it is a corporate project and the notion is being given that it has been dedicated for the convenience of the people,” said Imran Nazir who runs a shop in the old city.

An old woman namely Zarifa Begum who pays obeisance at Maqdom Sahib Shrine every month on Thursday told KNS that she was expecting that the government has would  a good step by starting the ropeway service for people who want   to visit the shrine but the rate of the ride is too high that she cannot afford the same. “Better for poor is to use the stairs that are 326 in number as the government never does any good for poor and every facility is meant for the rich.”

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