Peoples Conference a Trojan horse of RSS: NC


Jammu and National Conference on Monday denounced the jibes of people’s conference as dangerous and a bigoted attempt by the poster boys of RSS to divide the society on a sectarian basis.

In a statement issued from party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, party’s provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar called Peoples Conference a Trojan horse of RSS. “The ghost press releases from PC the other day had sectarian overtones and were seemingly aimed to divide the society on sectarian grounds. National Conference has been reflecting the cultural mosaic of our state and we are proud of the fact that many dignified leaders have been part of our struggle who have industriously carried forward the flag of the party, its policies, and programs in all these decades,” he said.

Asking PC to clarify its stand on the communal rhetoric being spread across the country by its ally BJP, he said, “It’s beyond my comprehension that PC chief Sajad Lone who calls Narendra Modi as his elder brother has the gumption to question the secular credentials of NC. Recently UP CM had brazenly said ‘let Muslims keep Ali, we have Bajranbali’ and it is with this type of thinking Sajad lone and Imran Ansari has tied the not with. This is not Vajpayee’s BJP anymore.”

He said that that recent dissolution of the Assembly has struck as a thunder bolt to the shenanigans of people’s conference and owing to their frustration they are coming up with fanciful charges against our respected colleagues and party leaders.

“The allegations against us are coming from a party which is headed by a person whose gold ornament export company scandal is still afresh in peoples memories.  The MMTC had served legal notices to Sajad’s company and even raided his office in Jandawalaan in New Delhi and sealed it,” he said.

“The people’s conference is a marriage of convenience between the people who have contrasting ideologies. Every now and then, owing to their Machiavellian thinking, they malign people to garner cheap publicity,” he said.

The provincial spokesperson said that owing to their new found love for RSS, PC is coming up with the rhetoric of respecting the mandate of BJP. “People of Kashmir remember how Sajad rebuked Dr. Jitendra Singh arrogantly on CNN-IBN saying ‘we should give two and a half districts to Jammu and live peacefully’. It is he who used to howl at BJP and RSS and now the same person is singing their tunes,” he said.

Imran said that Sajad lone in his now forgotten document ‘Achievable Nationhood’ refers to the state of Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘cake’ and that he further asserts that India and Pakistan should partake from it. “We in National Conference strive to maintain the territorial integrity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We take pride in the pluralistic culture of our state and our endeavor has been and will be to protect it from the Nagpur boys,” he said.


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